Pat Swift

Pat Swift, a former college lacrosse player and former coach at New Rochelle High School (1992-2000), was instrumental at bringing the game of lacrosse to the youth of New Rochelle. Thru Pat’s inspiration, dedication and commitment, lacrosse has become an accessible and sought-after sport among young children and adolescents in the New Rochelle community.

In 2007, Pat helped to create the New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse Organization by working with community parents and city/school leaders. He set up a 501-C 2 volunteer organization that supported lacrosse development for boys and girls in a community where previously, few knew about the sport, and most did not have access to training or equipment.

Pat made sure that girls and boys both equally were invited to participate, to train and to enjoy this field sport with their friends.

Pat not only set up a sporting league but developed a community of lacrosse enthusiasts. Many of his former players have gone on to play in college. Alumni and parents are dedicated to the community and come back for the Tutera Celebration, the annual lacrosse fund raiser event at Spectators, where Pat serves as the MC for the evening.

Pat has remained the force behind the organization, even as his children have outgrown youth sports.

Pat’s fondest memory of NRLAX is “being able to coach all 4 of his children and help them develop a love for the game”.

Pat Swift’s dedication to this lacrosse community is unparalleled and the emotional, social, and psychological impact that this sport has had for the children of New Rochelle is tremendous.